The Studios

In 2012, Basil Hall Editions relocated to two new locations after 16 years in Darwin in the Northern Territory. We are at 104 Duncan St, Braidwood, NSW 2622 for etching workshops and editioning and in Canberra at 95 Sherbrooke St, Ainslie, ACT 2602 for silkscreen editioning and the occasional relief or screen workshop.

Several hundred artists over the last 31 years have enjoyed working with Basil and his printers in a professional environment where your needs come first. Now we run workshops throughout Australia by invitation and in Greece.

Our equipment

  • 1 x Hilton Tooling motorised presses (bed size 1.7 x 1.0m)
  • 1 x Merlarue bench top press
  • 2 x Rollaco presses (owned as part of a consortium) – located on Skopelos, Greece, for workshops each year
  • 2 x silkscreen vacuum tables and exposure facilities for screens.
  • 1 x photo plate exposure unit.
  • Light box, aquatint room, fume cupboard and drying racks.

Visiting artists may use the studios by arrangement and have access to etching and aquatint facilities and the presses at a negotiated rate. Basil can also be available at an hourly or daily rate to assist, by appointment.


  1. Matthew Ablitt
    9 years ago

    Although dropping off the list of printers at BHE I am proud to still feel part of the team in the form of a light box listed above (that is if it also hasn’t been updated too!), Hope you are all well, Matt.

    1. admin
      9 years ago

      Hi Matt. A bit rough being dropped off after only 6 yrs! You’ll have to come back to us but that would mean moving from Sydney. We may have a new studio opening up somewhere else next year. Will keep you posted.


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